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Making history goes beyond simple existence in a lifetime, it means establishing moments in time that set you apart from the rest. Since we were founded in 1998 as the first porcine gelatin factory in South America, we have grown without losing sight of ethics and sustainability.

We are the experts in the manufacturing of gelatin and collagen peptides. These products are natural and healthy ingredients with infinite functionalities and applications that allow the creation of products that promote a better quality of life.


We are always looking forward to the future, keeping ourselves innovated at every moment to offer high quality products and a transparent and reliable partnership that easily gains confidence from our customers.

We have an enormous appreciation for everything we stand for today and the history we have written, but what motivates us most is the opportunity to continue to write it.

Welcome to Gelnex.



The success of our products is attributed to our state of art production sites, which supply customers in more than 50 countries.

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Itá (SC)

Rodovia SC 283 KM 36

Itá – SC – Brazil

Location Nazario

Nazário (GO)

Rodovia GO 060 KM 63

Nazário – GO – Brazil

Araguaína (TO)

Rod. TO 222, KM 10, Barra da

Grota – Araguaína – TO – Brazil

Sorriso (MT)

Rodovia MT 242 Km 17,8 S/Nº

Sorriso – MT – Brazil

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Portage freegrannytube freegrannytube ,youjljloljzzcmo日本 youjljloljzzcmo日本 (IN)

1525 Louis Sullivan Dr. Portage, Indiana – 46368 – EUA