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Businesswoman promotes trademark of Kon Tum ginseng

(VOVWORLD) - 35-year-old businesswoman Ho Thi Kim Oanh of Kon Tum province is promoting Ngoc Linh ginseng tea under the “One Commune One Product” program. The local medicinal herb provides a source of income for many ethnic people in the area.

Businesswoman promotes trademark of Kon Tum ginseng - ảnh 1

Ms. Ho Thi Kim Oanh introduces Ngoc Linh ginseng tea bag products. (Photo: VOV)

Ms. Ho Thi Kim Oanh and two friends developed Ngoc Linh ginseng tea to generate jobs for local people and popularize the trademark of Kon Tum ginseng. Oanh said Kon Tum province’s ginseng has many medicinal uses.

“I did a lot of research in order to produce a high-quality tea product. First, a man who has 10 years of experience in producing tea in Lam Dong province showed me how to grow tea, dry the tea, and exploit the characteristics of ginseng. Then, I started producing ginseng tea, using a Japanese technique which preserves the natural qualities of the tea,” she said.

Oanh collects raw ginseng in Dak Glei district, where ginseng grows abundantly. In order to meet the great demand for raw ginseng, Oanh works with Ngoc Linh commune’s cooperative and a number of farmers in Dak Glei district who grow ginseng under the Vietnamese Good Agriculture Practices (VietGap) standards.

“Our company harvests or purchases ginseng in season. Local farmers are instructed to grow high-quality, safe ginseng using clean cultivation techniques with no preservatives or chemical fertilizers,” said Oanh.

Businesswoman promotes trademark of Kon Tum ginseng - ảnh 2

Ginseng cultivation in Muong Hoong commune, Dak Glei district. (Photo: VOV)

The ginseng products of the Lam Thinh Production Trading Services Joint Stock Company run by Oanh have become popular in Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, Da Nang, and many provinces in the south. Oanh’s company is currently developing several new beverages made from ginseng and investing in an automated production chain which can produce 120,000 boxes of Ngoc Linh ginseng tea each year.

“I hope to contribute to developing my locality in a sustainable way by generating jobs and attracting more young workers. I also want to develop ginseng as a local product and use it to develop community tourism,” she said. 

In October, the ginseng tea bags produced by Oanh’s company were honored by the Kon Tum provincial Women's Union and won first prize at the 2020 business startup initiatives competition.